Do Dogs Need Vacations, Too?

You could probably use a vacation. Couldn’t we all? Sometimes we just get burned out and need a chance to relax with a change of scenery. Well, it turns out your dog might feel the same way. Dogs can bet bored, and when they get bored, they can try to relieve frustration by finding their own fun. Dog owners know that can mean destructive behavior that can leave the house looking like a miniature tornado touched down in the living room. Do dogs really need a vacation, and can it benefit them? Do all dogs need a break from their day-to-day lives? Here are a few things to think about when it comes to dogs and vacations.

Why Would Dogs Need A Vacation?

Graeme Hall, the star of the television show Dogs Behaving Badly, suggests that dogs need vacations just as much as humans. He says that wolves are active and work within their packs to hunt down food, which requires them to keep moving around. While dogs are not wolves, they do retain some of their instincts from their ancestors. This wanderlust should be fulfilled once in a while to avoid going stir crazy inside the house.

As dog lovers, we don’t want our pups to feel bored, anxious, or lonely, so taking them along for a holiday trip might be a way to bond and satiate their instincts to get out and be active. After all, dogs are our family members, and they certainly deserve to enjoy a trip with the rest of their human companions.

How Would Dogs Benefit From A Vacation?

If you’re interested in a winter getaway that will let your dog enjoy the snow, consider taking a trip to a dog-friendly winter resort. For dogs that like a warmer, summer atmosphere, consider visiting one of the many dog beaches where they can run in the surf and meet fellow vacationing pups. The United States also has a few dog-friendly national parks that can change with each season, and they’re perfect for going for long hikes and burning off some energy.

Sometimes the journey, itself, can be a bit of a vacation. If your dog is a good traveler and enjoys car rides, think about taking them on a road trip where they can experience tons of new scenes and smells that will keep them mentally and physically active. Camping is always a fun option, too, if your dog is up for it. There are endless options for vacations with dogs, but make sure you can find dog-friendly hotels, attractions, and travel options while you’re planning your trip.

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